Taste of Love

13 February 2009

Sex is invariably associated with the consumption and not necessarily in a negative sense.

We say “i would eat You all” ,we lick, bite…….we give food names to our sexual organs: peach, oyster, cabbage, fig, banana, sousage…..

Remember one of the most famous scenes of erotic movie ‘9 and 1 / 2 weeks ‘ when Mickey Rourke feed Kim Basinger with her eyes tied…..

Honey and milk, strawberries, chili,  ice cubes- all can become love-drug in the hands (and mouth) of lovers. ..

champion wanker

champion wanker

There seems to be a big debate about the link between masturbation and cancer.

In 2003 there was report by BBC about a scientific study that claimed masturbation can reduce prostate cancer risk. That was a moment of acknowledgment for all world’s wankers!

However a more recent study showed different results. According to news reports by WebMB and Science Daily, masturbation in the age of 50+ can reduce cancer rink, but frequent masturbation in ages 20-30 can increase it!

I don’t know if it’s a definite results, but it might mean no milking-the-snake until the middle-age!

Ironically, the lead-scientist of the recent study is a Greek – another indication why Greeks are rightfully called “malaka“.

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Sex like stilettos

20 January 2009

Stilettos best friend of women?

Recent Italian studies have shown that the wearing of high heels by women, not only does not harm them, but also helps … achieve orgasm. Stilettos increase libido.

Studies have shown that Kegel muscles in women wearing the heels of the amount of 5 to 7 cm are more relaxed and at the same time have the ability to easily shrinking . Therefore, their muscles are more sensitive, resulting in a greater likelihood of orgasm and, even more promising, an increase in its intensity.

For me convincing, i run to buy myself stilettos ;P

Durex: Get it On!

16 January 2009

Hardcore Anal Porn
Image from Borat movie

1. Your partner is not as social as he used to be.

2. Your partner lacks interest in sex or is sexually unresponsive.

3. Your partner is being uncharacteristically demanding or rough during sex.

4. Your partner does not seem “present”

5. Your partner has started to nit-pick your appearance.

6. You feel like you’re no longer getting straight answers from your lover.

7. Your partner is practically wed to the Internet.

8. You’ve noticed a change in your partner’s demeanor.

(via FOXSexpert)

So who are the “lucky” ones, just raise your hands (or comments!)

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Women chess

7 January 2009

Wanna play?

women chess

Swinging sex

6 January 2009

They meet in the groups of -teen ppl to have sex.

They are usually after 30-40 years.

They are Swingers – exchanging the sexual partners.

What makes couples, often a marriage, looking for this kind of adventures? For some it could be an unusual sexual activity, diversification, in the view of others it’s a deviation. Everyone has their own standards for private sexual behavior. What for one is natural, joyful, for another is bizarre. How about You?

Artistic nude

6 January 2009

my red thing by Alexander B.

my red thing by Alexander B.

I think nude art is better than porn… don’t you agree?  😉

Underwear with GPS

5 January 2009

The Brazilian manufacturer of underwear Lucia Iorio designed underwear equipped with GPS.

The line is called ‘Find me if you can’, and is addressed to the modern women.

Funny? Useful? ……I’m wondering how much they can sell especially with prices around 1000 dollars




source: www.kobieta.interia.pl

Long tongues

26 December 2008

YouTube – how longs my tounge?

What’s the thing about long tongues, you may ask?

Personally I think it’s more about the fantasy rather than any actual physical difference.

However, I’m eager to ask:
Do you have any stories/examples of why a long tongue is better that a normal one?