Love Mattress

21 December 2008

Weren’t you ever sleeping with your couple feeling frustrated that you can’t find a comfy position to cuddle? Here’s the solution!

love mattress

Designed by Mehdi Mojtabvi, the love mattress is actually made up of single slats, each covered in with a smooth fabric. The slats allow you to dip your arms to better hug your partner in bed. Look at this very intimate lover mattresses, fragmented bands design lets you easily mattresses will be “separated” from the pitch arm in the gap. This mattress was designed for those people who want to hold their partner in their arms all night long without feeling the presure in the arms. This will effectively prevent the arm pressure and you can also pitch feet in the slot and easily find the most comfortable sleeping position.

via freshome


One Response to “Love Mattress”

  1. Sean Says:

    Wow! ~ Wow! ~
    Wow! ~
    It’s amazing that I’m looking for mattress like this!

    My wife always complains me that I couldn’t hold her over night due to my arm will feel tired under her body.

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