Artistic nude

6 January 2009

my red thing by Alexander B.

my red thing by Alexander B.

I think nude art is better than porn… don’t you agree?  😉


Long tongues

26 December 2008

YouTube – how longs my tounge?

What’s the thing about long tongues, you may ask?

Personally I think it’s more about the fantasy rather than any actual physical difference.

However, I’m eager to ask:
Do you have any stories/examples of why a long tongue is better that a normal one?

Sex and Trains

1 December 2008

After spending half of mine weekend travelling with trains, I’m asking myself again a question that follows me since long time : Why guys are so obsessive about sex on the train??

Ok, maybe it’s because of specific sound……tudum tudum…….maybe because of some vibrations ( only old trains )…….maybe the reason is a scene from favourite movie……….maybe because guys think about sex every few minutes and trip takes usually a looong time….


Guys help me , I’m begging for answer!


28 November 2008


·      Do You agree to the group sex with your wife?

·      No! I do not agree!

·      Ok I’m gonna find someone else in your place


Sexual Fantasies…..


Men dreams about…….. sex with more than one sex partner, watching others having sex,  dominance ….


Women dreams about…… sex with a stranger (often celebrity), sex with other woman or with more than one sex partner. It must be sth something exotic, forbidden, not acceptable in normal life  …….


I dream about…………..flying