Taste of Love

13 February 2009

Sex is invariably associated with the consumption and not necessarily in a negative sense.

We say “i would eat You all” ,we lick, bite…….we give food names to our sexual organs: peach, oyster, cabbage, fig, banana, sousage…..

Remember one of the most famous scenes of erotic movie ‘9 and 1 / 2 weeks ‘ when Mickey Rourke feed Kim Basinger with her eyes tied…..

Honey and milk, strawberries, chili,  ice cubes- all can become love-drug in the hands (and mouth) of lovers. ..

champion wanker

champion wanker

There seems to be a big debate about the link between masturbation and cancer.

In 2003 there was report by BBC about a scientific study that claimed masturbation can reduce prostate cancer risk. That was a moment of acknowledgment for all world’s wankers!

However a more recent study showed different results. According to news reports by WebMB and Science Daily, masturbation in the age of 50+ can reduce cancer rink, but frequent masturbation in ages 20-30 can increase it!

I don’t know if it’s a definite results, but it might mean no milking-the-snake until the middle-age!

Ironically, the lead-scientist of the recent study is a Greek – another indication why Greeks are rightfully called “malaka“.

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Sex like stilettos

20 January 2009

Stilettos best friend of women?

Recent Italian studies have shown that the wearing of high heels by women, not only does not harm them, but also helps … achieve orgasm. Stilettos increase libido.

Studies have shown that Kegel muscles in women wearing the heels of the amount of 5 to 7 cm are more relaxed and at the same time have the ability to easily shrinking . Therefore, their muscles are more sensitive, resulting in a greater likelihood of orgasm and, even more promising, an increase in its intensity.

For me convincing, i run to buy myself stilettos ;P

Durex: Get it On!

16 January 2009

Swinging sex

6 January 2009

They meet in the groups of -teen ppl to have sex.

They are usually after 30-40 years.

They are Swingers – exchanging the sexual partners.

What makes couples, often a marriage, looking for this kind of adventures? For some it could be an unusual sexual activity, diversification, in the view of others it’s a deviation. Everyone has their own standards for private sexual behavior. What for one is natural, joyful, for another is bizarre. How about You?


22 December 2008

Beautiful woman in underwear or in the shower is no novelty. There are hundreds of such ads. To shake us to schock we need stronger means.

French social ad cautioning against a one-time sex without protection shows a woman who is having an oral sex with a huge, black and hairy tarantula. Well, one night with such a partner is probably not worth your health, and maybe even life?

source: www.dziennik.pl

Ancient Origins
500 B.C.: Traders from Greek port of Miletus sold olisbos, an early version of the dildo.
350 B.C.: First mention of olive oil as a sexual enhancement, mainly to encourage contraception.
0 to 400 A.D.: The Roman Empire had a lascivious edge–little wonder the very word “sex” comes from the Latin “sexus.” Written and artistic histories include numerous references to simple sex toy innovations.

300 A.D.: The Kama Sutra, the classic Indian sex manual, suggests crafting penis-extenders from wood, leather, buffalo horn, copper and gold.
500 A.D.: Men use Ben Wa balls to enhance pleasure (some had clappers that made a ringing sound during intercourse); women use them to increase the strength of their pelvic floor muscles, much like modern Kegel exercises.

The Middle Ages
476 to 1453: The Roman Catholic Church looked askance at sexual expression–to put it mildly–and some prominent offenders were burned at the stake. Mens’ and womens’ clothing covered neck to toe. In 12th century Europe, female chastity belts–secured with padlocks to which only husbands had the key–ensured fidelity. China, meanwhile, devised penis rings from the eyelids of goats (with eyelashes intact), said to enhance pleasure during intercourse.

The Renaissance
1400 to 1700: In Renaissance Italy, the Greek olisbo became “dildo” (possibly from the Latin dilatare, “to open wide,” or the Italian diletto, “to delight”). Italian versions were made of wood or leather and required liberal lubrication.

1791: Marquis de Sade–from whom the term “sadism” is derived–publishes the erotic Justine. While his controversial writings would eventually land him in jail, they also sparked interest in an array of sexual accessories and devices.

The Victorian Era
1869: A primitive vibrator makes its debut. Developed by American physician George Taylor, it was a large, cumbersome, steam-powered apparatus. Taylor recommended it for treatment of an illness known at the time as “female hysteria”–otherwise known as sexual arousal.

History of sex industry

© The Gallery Collection/Corbis

Extract from Forbes

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Big Sister

16 December 2008

(source: Papilot)

Just for 30 euro per month You can watch new reality show in Czech Republic….Big Sister.

I’m not much surprised but some could be as the show is …pornographic.



Men – klients of public house  in Prague- may having sex with a prostitute for free, but must give written consent to the filming meetings and publishing it on the network

…..Try to take that!

My favourite sex quote

16 December 2008

‘I love this moment so much I want to have sex with it’

(Dr Cox ‘Scrubs’)

AIDS awareness ad:  Live long enough to find the right one 😉