Taste of Love

13 February 2009

Sex is invariably associated with the consumption and not necessarily in a negative sense.

We say “i would eat You all” ,we lick, bite…….we give food names to our sexual organs: peach, oyster, cabbage, fig, banana, sousage…..

Remember one of the most famous scenes of erotic movie ‘9 and 1 / 2 weeks ‘ when Mickey Rourke feed Kim Basinger with her eyes tied…..

Honey and milk, strawberries, chili,  ice cubes- all can become love-drug in the hands (and mouth) of lovers. ..

Hardcore Anal Porn
Image from Borat movie

1. Your partner is not as social as he used to be.

2. Your partner lacks interest in sex or is sexually unresponsive.

3. Your partner is being uncharacteristically demanding or rough during sex.

4. Your partner does not seem “present”

5. Your partner has started to nit-pick your appearance.

6. You feel like you’re no longer getting straight answers from your lover.

7. Your partner is practically wed to the Internet.

8. You’ve noticed a change in your partner’s demeanor.

(via FOXSexpert)

So who are the “lucky” ones, just raise your hands (or comments!)

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Swinging sex

6 January 2009

They meet in the groups of -teen ppl to have sex.

They are usually after 30-40 years.

They are Swingers – exchanging the sexual partners.

What makes couples, often a marriage, looking for this kind of adventures? For some it could be an unusual sexual activity, diversification, in the view of others it’s a deviation. Everyone has their own standards for private sexual behavior. What for one is natural, joyful, for another is bizarre. How about You?

Love Mattress

21 December 2008

Weren’t you ever sleeping with your couple feeling frustrated that you can’t find a comfy position to cuddle? Here’s the solution!

love mattress

Designed by Mehdi Mojtabvi, the love mattress is actually made up of single slats, each covered in with a smooth fabric. The slats allow you to dip your arms to better hug your partner in bed. Look at this very intimate lover mattresses, fragmented bands design lets you easily mattresses will be “separated” from the pitch arm in the gap. This mattress was designed for those people who want to hold their partner in their arms all night long without feeling the presure in the arms. This will effectively prevent the arm pressure and you can also pitch feet in the slot and easily find the most comfortable sleeping position.

via freshome

love VS sex

2 December 2008

Would you stay with a partner, whom you love, but sex with him is poor?
Would you stay with a partner, whom you do not love, but sex with him is great?

sex is healthy!We are still far to much romantic! We love movies and books with amazing stories, we love being naive and dependent! And we hate ourselves for that weakness. The problem is our real relationships look different, there’s no Mr Perfect, there’s no sweet life, we try to not see that, we cheat on ourselves believing that it can change.

I remember one sentence that somebody told me in the past : ‘Don’t ever look for excuse for Your partner if something is wrong’. Now I think that it’s always easy to cheat love, to actually truly believe that what we feel is perfect!

So is SEX the only true thing in relationship ?

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I am a sex-tourist

1 December 2008

sf sex tourism

Image by dav via Flickr

I admit. I am a sex-tourist.
I love sex and I love traveling, so traveling AND having sex is super!

OK, technically what I’m doing is more like “love-tourism”. (Don’t get me wrong, it has nothing to do with child sex-tourism.) You see, the past years I’ve had these long-distance international relationships. I was crazy in love with them, but I guess traveling just made things even better. I got to stay in different countries, know the culture, the habits – really get a taste of the country, if you know what I mean! 😉

Have you found yourselves enjoying international relationships too? Tell us your story 🙂

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