100 Days of Sex

27 November 2008

Just Do It

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A couple in the US decided to refresh their married life by putting a mission to make love everyday for 100 days (yes, that is “one hundred”!).

According to the husband, “100 days was going to be a challenge and it wasn’t always easy after a long day, especially when I got really sick halfway through.” Everybody thought they were crazy, but they made it and they were happy. They even wrote a book about it.

So is sex the answer to a happy marriage?

According to mariage councelors, “The act of consciously putting in daily energy into a relationship is essential to its vitality and longevity and this has to be done on all levels, not just the sexual. […] One hundred days of straight sex is not necessarily going to fix things but it is a great metaphor for putting the energy back into a relationship.”

So all you married couples out there, stop depressing and “just do it”!

Article by ABC news